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    Call to regulation pros/cons...

    Not here. I have issued multiple citations for companies not being in compliance. I’ll typically advise they need to get the license by end of day or Ill issue the citation. If they don’t then I’d write the ticket. The times I have issued the citation they get their license then fight the ticket...
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    Call to regulation pros/cons...

    The city I work for requires any contractor working within city limits to have a contractor license and adequate insurance. We do not require anything specific for tree companies, just $2,000,000 in general liability. The license is $50.
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    TCIA fired all Regional Outreach Coordinators

    First, let me say that I am a supporter of what TCIA’s general goal is and I like what they do, for the most part. I think they are a great training resource and they do a lot for the industry. That being said, loosing local people seems like a step backwards to me. This is what they said...
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    ISA Municipal Arborist Exam

    The exam was difficult IMHO. Most of the questions had answers that could have all worked for the situation, it was not black and white like a biology or ANSI question. I didn’t study anything but the book but I did go to a workshop put on by our local ISA chapter, which was helpful in that it...
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    Cutting roots of a Public Shade Tree on private property

    Look up common law and self help for tree pruning. Most municipalities place further protection on their trees so you can’t go pruning them like you could a neighbors tree who’s canopy/limbs crosses the property line.
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    Large Fines for Vancouver Tree Company

    I work for a municipality and we have a pretty strict ordinance, you need a permit to remove anything over 10” dbh and can not remove more than 35% of the living canopy for trees on private property. Enforcement is difficult on the pruning or damage side, pretty straight forward on the removal...
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    Thanks everyone. I’ve heard of people using a spoke before but never thought about using the end of It for grabbing like that, it seems so obvious now!
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    Just finished a climbing course over the weekend

    I’m new here. Been a member for a while but never posted until recently. Thought I would throw in my useless two cents on this anyways. Not trying to pile on. I’m fairly proficient with a saw......on the ground. I’m pretty decent with one in a bucket too. I’ve been doing tree work for about...
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    What are you using? I’m looking to get one small and light, maybe like 18” at the most I can bring up with me in a bucket or when climbing. Adjustable would be nice. Just kind of sick of using whatever I can find. I was at a workshop last year and the instructor had what almost looked like...
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    ISA Municipal Arborist Exam

    How would you rate the difficulty of the test compared to the CA, CTSP or TRAQ exams? I’ve only worked municipal, will that be helpful?

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