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    BLD Results

    Bartlett lab did the lab diagnostics. We’ve found it on a handful of trees in the past year here in Nassau county Long Island and the five boroughs.
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    BLD Results

    There was some discussion if this was Eranium (spelling) mites or Beech Leaf Disease on these images of a Copper Beech I shared a week or so ago. As promised I’d share the lab results which came back positive for BLD. Just thought I’d share as there’s certainly some similarities between the two...
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    Customer wants solution to his pile of wood problem

    Rent or sub out a whole tree chipper and fly chip away into the woods? Some have a grapple on them.
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    Tell me your problems and desires!

    Man I’m so jealous. I spent a few months in NZ and really wish I never left.
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    Dropped top handle saw today...

    I dropped a coworkers saw out of a tree once onto concrete. He didn’t use a lanyard and the ring missed the carabiner on my harness. There was a distraction from the property manager coming out of nowhere yelling about something and I had to store the saw. Turns out he was just an obnoxious...
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    What’s the biggest root you feel comfortable pruning? Kwanzan Cherry edition.

    This is a pretty difficult client so the pressure feels like it’s on.
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    What’s the biggest root you feel comfortable pruning? Kwanzan Cherry edition.

    I have a root collar to do tomorrow and already found a couple girdling roots on a PHC visit. The tree was showing stress on one side and I did a quick excavation. There’s a few of them that are larger, in the 1” range if I remember right and a few smaller ones. What’s the size you all feel most...
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    Trees from a distance

    Really looks a lot like Liriodendron but I don’t think it is.
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    Trees from a distance

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    “What to use for permanent installation”

    Farm area or area with lots of deer? Maybe put up by a hunter or farmer?
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    I’ll keep y’all updated when samples return.
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    That’s actually how I spotted it, from below canopy and looking up. I’m hoping I’m wrong, client really likes the tree.
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    I hope you’re right. But this seems more inter-veinal than galling and matches pretty well a co workers BLD find. It’s out to the lab to find out.
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    Hey Look at My Crud...

    Looks like a clients tree got beech leaf disease this season
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    Doing a mosquito spray at a clients who has a small/medium beech I treat for ambrosia beetle and phytophothora I noticed this when spraying. Unfortunately looks like it may have beech leaf disease. We had a similar one with same symptoms come back with a positive from the lab, I sent these out...

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