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    Tips and Tricks

    how do you like the samson mercury rope
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    petzl rope wrench

    big businesses find it difficult to be creative as there are too many layers in the discussion process, so plagiarism is the cheapest option rather than paying fair dollar
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    Simarghu Fire harness?

    So you have a beef with a harness that you've not seen or used?
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    stitch lock a tape sling with the tail of your line and you can put in as many as you want
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    Swiss Crane Removals

    used a mobile tower like this on a job with limited access as it could life 2 tonn at 60M
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    great run mark, going to try again next year or move over to the 'dark side'
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    UK/I TCC

    it will be a blast,two day event, close to max (50)entries already and Honey Bros are sponsoring a BBQ on satuday night!
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    UK/I TCC

    Hi All sorry about the short notice but this years UK/I tcc is ging to be held saturday 30thApri/sunday 1st May at the rural life center in surrey, gear check on the friday locationweb page you can find out the details of the event on the tcc pages of the uk/i web site web page and the entry...
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    2010 International Geezers open

    Re: Geezers come on Have a great time all, sorry we cant be there this year love and hugs to all craig and sybs
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    10 spot on Jared to win Internationals

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Hard to will if you are not there. [/ QUOTE ] ouch! [/ QUOTE ] you let the cat out of the bag, i was hoping to clean up with that. (beddies NOT to win) any one know why he did'nt defend? it could make it a hallow victory for some!
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    10 spot on Jared to win Internationals

    i think my credits good
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    10 spot on Jared to win Internationals

    i'll go a ten spot that Beddes dosent win, any takers
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    Number of Competitors

    2007 UK/I finnals in guilford 52 run to ISA rules, but if you want numbers go to France, they run comps with 100 plus climbers!!!
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    Gyro Powerball

    [ QUOTE ] Cool. I ordered the Neon Red Pro with electric start. <font color="green">The TreeHouse</font> ***************************************************** [/ QUOTE ] started with the neon red(std) and ended up with a 350Hz heavy metal, twice the weight of the red, work out sat in...
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