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    Atlantic TCC 04

    It was held in a park on the Dartmouth side, but I can't remember the name (Lake Banook). There were a lot decent Oaks there. There possibly could have been some better places before the hurricane last year, but it was a pretty nice park all in all. There used to be some really nice trees in...
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    Atlantic TCC 04

    Atlantic Chapter held the 2004 TCC recently in Halifax, NS , this September with a good turn out. The final results are: 1. Trevor Burton 2. Joey Peters 3. Ben Taylor 4. Danny Leblanc Thanks to the city of Halifax for putting it together.
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    Atlantic Chapter TCC

    The 2003 ATCC was held May 8/04 after being cancelled last fall due to hurricane Juan. It was a very cold and windy day, but there was still a good turn out (13 competitors). There was also some competitor's from away (Saskatchewan, Ontario, New York), and the competition was very close all...
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    Atlantic Chapter TCC????

    Now that things have calmed down a little bit since the hurricane the competition has been re-scheduled. The new date for the competition is on Sat. May 8th, in Truro, at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Rain Date is Sunday the 9th. Hope everyone makes it out to enjoy the day!! See ya...
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    A little too far?

    Around here they want you to wear cotton clothing and only the outer layer (smock flash jacket or overalls) is fire retardent. When you learn about flash over, they use good examples of what this protective material can do for you. ie. guys cutting the sleaves off because of the heat while...
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    Atlantic Chapter TCC????

    Dave, We did not have the competition because of the hurricane the week before. There was talk of having it in Nov. but nobody has said for sure. I don't think it will happen until the spring, everyone is too busy now. Joey
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    Praire Chapter TCC

    Congratulations Frank!
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    Atlantic Chapter TCC

    Yes Mark I'll be competing. Hopefully this will be the year, but with Danny back and Trevor fresh from the international as well as lots of other good climbers in the area, it will be a tough competition. Stay relaxed and have a good day and I will be happy.
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    Atlantic Chapter TCC

    Hey, Just a reminder that the Atlantic Chapter competition is on Saturday Oct.4. Location is at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro, Nova Scotia. Hope lots of people can make it, it's always a great time. See you there Joey
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    Question about patio close to tree

    I have a client who is planning on making a patio area with brick pavers around a mature Copper Beech. She realizes that she needs to keep out away from the tree (drip line at least) as much as possible, but there is an area on one side where the lawn tractor drives out of the barn over the...
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    The limits of the Timber Hitch

    The only thing I could add to all that when spreading the 5 or more wraps out, I try to make it 2/3 around the trunk or branch. I don't no where I heard this rule of thumb, but thankfully I've never had a problem with this hitch.
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    Tree Hazard Policy for Cities

    It is similar here with the local utility. There is nobody with formal arboriculture training, just forestry. I'm not saying they aren't well educated, but they have a different perspective. They don't see the value of the individual trees nor look at individual species when deciding the...
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    3120 Husky

    Looking for a 3120 for parts? Ours broke last week (crank) and I was just curious about the possiblity of getting one for parts. It's really not worth it to fix unless with used parts. I imagine it will be replaced with an 088 STIHL. We have an 88 now and it is the 1st choice of most of the...
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    Atlantic TCC

    I had previously said in another discussion that the Atlantic TCC was going to be in the spring this year. I was a bit confused, it is going to be in Truro in the fall, the same time as usual. There will be no AGM though, as we will be making a trip to Montreal.
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    Struck by!

    Last week on Tue. I was doing some utility work in fairly tight spot. I was finishing up on the a corner where two 3 phase lines came to a tee. With some comm. wires going accross the road it didn't leave a lot of room. I was using my handsaw for more control of some branches in close...

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