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    Steel toe boots okay or a no no?

    Steel toes and the QLCTT. Another question that keeps arising every few years. In my Foreman years, my response would have been "It doesn't seem to bother the lead in your (butt) so why would it bother the steel in your boots?" Metals as part of your PPE have no effect on your body's...
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    Looking for some 1/2 rigging line and "beat em up" pull line

    look at They have a connection with the indoor rock climbing industry and can have piles of line that could be used as tag/drag lines.
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    Throwline/electric protocol

    Let's take a look at what OSHA has to say. • 1910.269(r)(7)(vii): A rope that is wet, that is contaminated to the extent that its insulating capacity is impaired, or that is otherwise not considered to be insulated for the voltage involved may not be used near exposed energized lines...
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    Elevator truck

    Keep in mind that when you rise the elevator, you are also raising the height of the isolator. Not much of an issue for most private work but it will shorten the life of your groundie when working in proximity to energized conductors.
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    NYSA Annual Meeting 2016

    Networking is how we find our Contract Arborists, Climber429. They are also who we hire directly so don't miss an opportunity to meet and greet. Where in NY are you? We hold CA study sessions here in Syracuse through the winter months if your interested. Hey, Dan! We'll have that beer...
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    Cat rescue gone south

    Try using catnip in the bottom of a rope bag.
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    Cat rescue gone south

    Try using catnip in the bottom of a rope bag.
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    I got shocked

    A couple of thoughts about this thread: Why the concern about both phases? As I understand your process, macswan, you were phase to ground. Phase-to-phase increases voltage between phases but not phase-to-ground. You’ll also only get a voltage increase phase-to-phase on Wye configuration but...
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    Tree Risk Assessment

    TRAQ, for me, was not an educational opportunity in regards to becoming a better risk assessor. It’s focused on protecting you and your clients from litigation or at least surviving litigation through procedure and orderly documents, especially a defined Scope of Work. It is not about...
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    Line Clearance

    I know this thread was started in humor but to quote ANSI Z133, Annex H, Section 3.3: “Arborists should avoid all direct contact with the de-energized conductors, because de-energized lines should never be considered 100 percent electrically safe under all conditions.”
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    Power Line Reference Book

    Hi Anthony. I'm a UA in Central NY and I also sit the UAA's Training Committee. What you are looking for varies by the construction standards of the local utility. I can get you a visual guide to the identification of what’s on a pole here which may translate to what you see there but no...

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