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    would like general opinions on Altec vs Terex booms for elevator bucket trucks about 70 ft

    we see mostly Altec booms around here and I own an LR56 boom now that has never given us a minutes worth of problem Looking to add another bucket to fleet and want an international with DT466 and an Altec elevator, but seeing more Terex booms available on the International trucks...
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    Ive seen you mention you had a bucket truck for sale on tree bay but I can’t find it. Did you...

    Ive seen you mention you had a bucket truck for sale on tree bay but I can’t find it. Did you sell it?
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    Building extra crews in Baton Rouge, La. Hiring reliable, experienced people for all positions....bucket operators, climbers , groundsmen

    Please apply on our website You may call 225-978-1018 with any questions as well. We will hire reliable experienced people to expand and run numerous crews, purchasing heavy equipment for extra crews now.
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    Would hope so, but don’t have much time to spend on here and would be very unlikely to have anything I said confused with “witty”
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    thanks for replying....since I am new to the board, I do not have years of archived material/posts for anyone to review to determine if someone would be willing to do as you suggest b/c you know how "you would get along" based on such material and I would suppose past exchanges archived in the...
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    Well let’s see, it is 2 am and I decided to check my email after being up late working and had a notice about a reply to something I posted on Tree buzz....I admit a bit of excitement that maybe a guy who seemed to have the right types of qualifications we seek at my company had finally...
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    thanks for the advice. I appreciate it and took it!
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    I’m still waiting for you to contact me...I’m somewhat new to this forum so I don’t wish to do anything outside of accepted protocols... is there a way I could get in touch with you?
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    Certified Arborist/ work
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    Send me an email or get in touch and we can talk
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    I will pay top dollar for highly experienced bucket truck operators and climbers in Baton Rouge, La. who have ISA certification. Contact me if interested Louisiana Tree Service, Inc.
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    hiring experienced bucket truck operators/climbers ISA certified gets top dollar

    We are one of the top professional tree services in the Baton Rouge, La market and want to hire highly experienced climbers who can also operate a bucket truck efficiently, or highly experienced bucket truck operators who are proficient climbers. We do crane work once a week on average. We...