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    Gear for sale most like new #2

    PM sent
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    Gear for sale most like new

    Pm sent
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    West Coast Saw Bark Box?

    Mufflers on chainsaws are mainly for spark and noise control. As has been said “muffler modding ain’t rocket surgery “ Open it up to breathe better.After power gain. Get Stainless or inconel screen from McMaster Carr with the right sized holes. Kool looking. But saying about all...
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    Chainsaw Bar?

    standard 1/4” on the right. 71 series micro mini on the left. Used on the 150t. Narrow kerf and makes that saw cut way above its weight class.
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    880 mod

    For not enough oil......grind a bigger offset to the pump shaft. Put out all the oil you want. A 122cc Stihl ported will work well. I’ve got an 084 ported. Of course it’s unlimited.........and it cuts. No conscience at all.Just keeps pulling. The dawgs are there for a reason. Keeps it from...
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    I got behind. The other machinist at work got an infection in his replaced knee so I’ve been covering for him. Sorry for the delay
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    Shouldn’t be but a week or so. I got some stumping to do. Most shops don’t have a grinder for carbide as the payback sucks compared to regular chain. A machinist has no shame when it comes to tools.You stand the angle up t to give the tooth some strength. Demolition and stumping probably have...
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    I’ve been grinding carbide for 40 years. Don’t see any problems. I get and refurbish a lot of “ruined “ tooling. We maybe can work something out.
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    I know this is an old thread but I got some carbide cabin for stumping. Also setting up to grind it. Got a Stihl diamond wheel and an extra grinder to fit it. Ground a lot of carbide as a Tool and Die maker. So it shan’t be too bad. I’ll report back when I screw them up.
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    Shipping Costs?

    Pallet with Fastenal
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    Buckingham Mar-Bar system

    Pm sent
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    Wrap around handle for 461

    3/4 is what I like best.
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    Custom Chainsaw Bars

    You could do engine turning / jeweling..........a mill helps but a drill press works well. Think a jeweled bolt on a rifle.
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    Chainsaw Modifications Vs Stihl Dealer Service ?

    Ported or unported...... Most dealer issues are the same. Tune? Same Recoil,plastic,oiling,air leaks........all the same. Take off the muffler..... Scoring?? Clean or replace. Almost the same. Check the squish. I've never had trouble with a ported saw at a GOOd Stihl dealer. Meaning...
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    An angry little bumble bee - MS150TC

    I will soon. Lol I have 4 of brads saws.......

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