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    $6.00 a Gallon Bar Oil at Tractor Supply

    Watch the clear winter weight from TSC. Will gum things up
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    Milwaukee M18 Fuel/lithium tool thread

    Working more with them I keep buying more. they are the bees knees
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    Wespur Buckingham Viking Tree Harness

    PM sent
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    Gear for sale most like new #2

    PM sent
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    Gear for sale most like new

    Pm sent
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    West Coast Saw Bark Box?

    Mufflers on chainsaws are mainly for spark and noise control. As has been said “muffler modding ain’t rocket surgery “ Open it up to breathe better.After power gain. Get Stainless or inconel screen from McMaster Carr with the right sized holes. Kool looking. But saying about all...
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    Chainsaw Bar?

    standard 1/4” on the right. 71 series micro mini on the left. Used on the 150t. Narrow kerf and makes that saw cut way above its weight class.
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    880 mod

    For not enough oil......grind a bigger offset to the pump shaft. Put out all the oil you want. A 122cc Stihl ported will work well. I’ve got an 084 ported. Of course it’s unlimited.........and it cuts. No conscience at all.Just keeps pulling. The dawgs are there for a reason. Keeps it from...
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    I got behind. The other machinist at work got an infection in his replaced knee so I’ve been covering for him. Sorry for the delay
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    Shouldn’t be but a week or so. I got some stumping to do. Most shops don’t have a grinder for carbide as the payback sucks compared to regular chain. A machinist has no shame when it comes to tools.You stand the angle up t to give the tooth some strength. Demolition and stumping probably have...
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    I’ve been grinding carbide for 40 years. Don’t see any problems. I get and refurbish a lot of “ruined “ tooling. We maybe can work something out.
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    Stihl Duro Saw (carbide tip) Chains ?

    I know this is an old thread but I got some carbide cabin for stumping. Also setting up to grind it. Got a Stihl diamond wheel and an extra grinder to fit it. Ground a lot of carbide as a Tool and Die maker. So it shan’t be too bad. I’ll report back when I screw them up.
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    Shipping Costs?

    Pallet with Fastenal
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    Buckingham Mar-Bar system

    Pm sent
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    Wrap around handle for 461

    3/4 is what I like best.

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