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    hitchhiker 2 versus HHx

    Is it possible to stuff a spliced eye through the dog bone and then capture the eye with a biner or anything else to prevent it from getting pulled back through?
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    WTB buckcat/Viking/puma harness size medium

    Looking to purchase this harness used hopefully in good condition for a side project. Thanks!
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    Looking for an experienced Arborist

    Company name so someone can at least look you up?
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    Vantage point

    Great Blue's are my favorite, great to hear your doing so well with tree work. Keep it up Moss!
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    4th annual CT Rec climb

    wish so badly I could make it this year. I will miss hanging with everyone.
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    Friction free SRT

    Tuttle, Can you post a pic of your Shunt setup for work positioning? Are you using it in conjuction with another device?
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    Secret Weapon Integrated FootLock Prusik

    [ QUOTE ] I like it! it fits in my realm if the KISS method! I do say though the rope has to be spiked before removing your attachment to the prussik! with that said you will have to use a separate Beiner to spike the rope other than your spliced eye termination. You can hang that up there to...
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    Sciatic pain

    I had serious sciatic issues due to the same problems, one thing that really helped was "hindu push ups, in yoga known as downward dog upward dog stretch" they help stretch the spine and also your hamstrings which can be a major part of sciatic problems. good luck.
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    Show off them splices

    Nick, did you use locked brummels on that tenex + pinto set up or just straight bury?
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    Eye-and-Eye Splice Samson Ice

    The Yale Wire Basket Fid works great for ice. how many strands are you pulling for the taper?
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    Pantin Life Support?

    This is silly, if they are going to apply this rule to the RW they will have to apply it to everything. How about foot locking? the only thing that sees 100% of a footlockers weight are hands and feet, are they going to require people to be able to grip and lock 5000lbs before they can climb?
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    Shizll? Fo rizll? (rope slider)

    having trouble seeing the benefit of this over say, a boat snap like this.
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    Feb 3 - Rutland State Park, MA

    great to see everyone! Big thanks to Melissa and Bear for hosting! I'm with Moss, lets make it a weekend deal! Jeff & Erin
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    Feb 3 - Rutland State Park, MA

    I will be there as well with one other.

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