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    brand new Petzl sequoia (revamped)

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    brand new Petzl sequoia (revamped)

    I'm selling the new revamped version of the new Petzl Sequoia that I have, it has been climbed in 4 times, never had a saw on it or run while wearing it. love the saddle, but I have a build that is more suited to my TM's. this is the new version I reviewed, not the older one. it is size 1 and...
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    Impressions of the Teufelberger Platinum

    [ QUOTE ] I'm really liking Platinum for access at this point (Foot locking, static ascent, etc...). It hits that sweet spot between KMIII and Escalator, but with a new cover/core technology. The weave pattern is cool looking as you can see the core becoming more and more part of the cover, and...
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    Impressions of the Teufelberger Platinum

    bottom line is it is too skinny, if they made it bigger, yeah.
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    anyone else prefer the zk-1?

    [ QUOTE ] Nope ZK2 has it all over the ZK1 IMO. [/ QUOTE ] pretty much
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    Foot Lockin versus Rope Walkin

    I can do both, pretty fast too, but 90% of the time I use a pantin, i have a left and right that I swap on and off. keeps it balanced, but there is no way a good footlocker can beat a good ropewalker on a regular basis, there are too many variables at play, route, weather conditions, wet ropes...
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    Climbing in the freezing cold

    yeah, don't freeze your boys :) I work and climb all winter, double check the gates on your biners, make sure they are operating smoothly, keep your ropes and hitch cord clean and dry if you can, dress in layers, smartwool is SMART. also, wood reacts differently in the cold due to the moisture...
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    is the T.M. the right choice?

    I can attest to it not moving while weighted, but the webbing does stretch a bit when new. I can't leave mine in one spot, warm weather working and cold weather working dictate different clothes, hence different adjustments. CDG
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    Scopes and Binoculars

    Zeiss 8x30 bino's, they are what I use :) don't skimp on optics.
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    TM Suspenders

    sure they are not bibs?
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    Sequoia srt

    Dave, so you are in a TM now? are they not the best thing going? love mine.
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    Viking, your quote is from one of my top 3 all time fave movies :)
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    Kevin is a humble man with great vision, and this is all that I have to say :)
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    Sequoia srt

    I had both sequoias, then went TM, then bought another sequoia as a back-up....sent it back promptly. ordered another TM as my back-up, there is really no comparison Dorian ;)
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    SRT Re-Tie Ins ???

    did that today Kevin, in 2 scots pines.
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