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    Pollarding time

    Traditionally pollarded trees are cut dormat in the autum. That way they stand as sculptures throughout the winter.
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    petzl rope wrench

    You should write it! I've also taken the pin out until you showed me last weekend
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    Marks new gig???

    I really like Marks new chipper :-D
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    Free wood for your chipper!!!

    Somebody is getting lucky :-)
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    Removal of elm, Norway

    Thank you, I'm really pleased with the result myself, as this is the first video I've done some real editing in. And I'm also amazed at the quality of the fotage of the gopros.
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    Removal of elm, Norway

    Just finished editing some clips taken from a removal we did earlier this spring.
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    Fatal felling accident in Norway Sorry about the language, but I guess the pictures talk for themselves.
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    Air powered wood splitter?!

    I like the "ding" sound, when the wood leaves the table :-)
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    Santa got stuck! Sorry about the language, but the story in short was that the norwegian "special" police force was holding a christmas party, and Santa was supposed to rappell down the building with his...
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    other good forums

    Hey, thats the great thing with this fourm, were allowed to mention other foums without beeing banned or censored. Other treerelated forums out there are:, and (I am kind of amused that the "liberal" americans in AS, think the...
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    chainsaw sharpener

    My wife dosn't appove on me bringing my chainsaws in the livingroom and placing them on the coffe table :-)
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    Titanium vs Aluminum

    Why go metal when you can go gekko carbon! :-) (I did think my aluminium spikes were light before...)
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    steelcore flipline broke, 3-4 years orld

    Lol, no it wasnt me, raven ;-)But I agree, userfault. But I would guess that rust isn't the cause, just a symtom. Any wire coming out of something stiff, like the swage, will eventually break when it has movement back and forth. And seems like 4 years Was the time it needed
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    sithl 192T with .50 bar?

    My ms150 bent its chain once, when it decided to try and fly. The uppdraft wasnt good enough, so it decided to land with its bar first, resulting in a bent chain.
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    steelcore flipline broke, 3-4 years orld

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