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    Topped then neglected, now I need to climb it.

    Greetings, I'm looking for input from seasoned, veteran climbers. I'm rather new to this stuff. I have a Silver Maple that was topped to about 30 or 35 feet, about 15 to 20 years ago, and then left to do its own thing. The sucker growth at the topping wounds grew upward, now reaching 20 to 25...
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    Comment by 'Dwayne9952' in media '3:1 DWT with RnW and OmniBlock Pulleys'

    I had the same thought. That's a lot of line going all over the place but the loads would work better if we only had one choice of limb.
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    An Elm tree says WAKE UP and slow down!

    I think that rushed feeling is always present. Even the most experienced tree workers mention how their jobs ran longer than expected, or focus so much on cutting seconds off repetitive tasks that one has to conclude the time factor looms large in all our lives. I am still learning to look...
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    An Elm tree says WAKE UP and slow down!

    The home owner is a Soldier; he was deployed when a big branch broke off last year. I was part of a small group that cleaned it up for his wife so the cable company could restore service. I went back during the winter to look at the tree and I thought it should just be removed. On his own he...
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    An Elm tree says WAKE UP and slow down!

    I had a close call this week. I was removing a section of an Elm tree, only about 10 feet from the ground, but it was about 24 inches in diameter and about 30 inches long. I had it rigged to itself through a sling and secured to a porty with the homeowner on the line. Mostly this was to keep the...

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