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    Possible zigzag accident

    I am unclear as to what has happened but this was put up by someone I know on Facebook a short time ago. This message has just been published in a Tree Care Forum: WARNING IMPORTANT! ACCIDENT WITH ZIGZAG!! Today 15:22 am by HOLGER I just received the message that a crash related to the PETZL...
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    It's to lock off the rope when you want to change from bollard to winch in the middle of lowering something. Didj
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    You might be an arborist if . . .

    You may be an arborist if you calculate what effect your actions today will have after your dead and buried. D
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    Restarting in a Masters

    As already stated the information you recieved is wrong. No where in the rules does it state that your climb is over if you return to the ground. Unless DQ'd by the head judge for a major infraction your climb is finished when the time goes out or all you equipment is removed from the tree. Didj
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    working SRT

    Well the triple action is talked about in 2.2.10 but only carabinas are mentioned Though 2.2.12 could be an issue " No quick release meechanisms !!!!!! That was good thinking I hadn't actually thought about it until now Didj
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    working SRT

    Hi Guys, It is true that Petzl have issued a statement in regards to the Rig and ID being used without type A backup. This statement does not however allow deviation from the correct use of the equipment,The rig/ID must always be used with two hands.This can be difficult if it used for...
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    Ruling on self-splices & Tree Climbing Comps

    I think the certifcation issue and splicing is more for those wishing to make and sell hand made splices.This is where there could be a liability or quality control issue. I do not see an issue with people splicing their own gear providing it is done correctly.With regards to competition...
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    Complete and Utter Hypocrisy

    [ QUOTE ] Didjon, i know i have submitted complaints about that particular rule in 2011. Should i submit again in 2012? One of the things about that rule is it specifically uses the word " ascent" line. [/ QUOTE ] I'm not sure what rule book your using treebing but the rule we have been...
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    Complete and Utter Hypocrisy

    Yes Paul that was how it was meant to read thank you for reading as it is written. Blinky as Paul already said I was refering to the use of a prusik being used on a static system only,no other friction management applied. I can also assure you Blinky I am very much in touch with whats going...
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    Complete and Utter Hypocrisy

    Mr. Hattier, I can assure you that all the Technical committee members are 100% professional in their assessment of new equipment and techniques being brought to the table, and there is no secret agenda. With regards to the rope wrench I have a few remarks of my own to add to this...
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    Check this out --- !!!!!!!

    Dan Osman died in 1998 on a return visit to Leaning Tower,Yosemite.The jump in the You tube clip. It was a 1000ft jump and he was a pioneer of this type of rope swing jumping.He was also an amazing climber. Didj
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    Check this out --- !!!!!!!

    Now this is the most hardcore rope jump RIP Dan
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    ETCC 2012 Bernried am Starnberger, Germany

    This years ETCC will be on the 23rd-24th June. International climbers wishing to participate, can download the relevant forms from the ETCC website from next week.Please be sure to read the requirements for eligibilty before making applications. Anyone wishing to volunteer as a...
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    spider jack not so good for flex

    The spiderjack is certified under EN 358 so it is unlikely to slip before it seriously hurts you. Its best if you know you will have this type of situation that you slacken it off a bit and lock it off to stop rope feed Didj
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    Throw Hook On Heli-Loggers

    Chris. These have been on the market a few years can order them from Freeworker Regards Didj

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