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    Fertilizing, not all it's cracked up to be?

    I didn't see any notes on the age of the wood chips. Do you they are fresh or aged?
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    Text message scam

    Within the last 2 weeks I have received a text message if "I do tree service". It is always an out of area number. Is anyone else getting them? What kind of scam is it? Just wondering?
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    What to do with old bucket truck?

    I have a 2000 Freightliner with altec boom that has seen its better days. It still runs but is rusted real bad and the boom doesn't work from the bucket. I am afraid the only option is the scrap yard. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Difficulty starting chainsaw

    Got my saw back fro the shop the other day. They changed the coil. Used it yesterday, so far so good.
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    Difficulty starting chainsaw

    No, Im not choking it again. I know that will flood it out. I have had this saw for several years and used it quite a bit. This problem just started about a month ago.
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    Difficulty starting chainsaw

    Here is my problem with my stihl ms 361. It starts fine when cold and when it is being used consistently. But when I use it then put it down for 10 minutes or so, I can't get it to start again. I also seem to have the same problem with my stihl pole saw. Any suggestions?
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    Care for a black cherry tree

    A customer of mine has a small black cherry with 2 leaders, one of which is looking pretty sick. Is the something I can treat it with?
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    Vermeer equipment

    Tom: I am going to try another shop tomorrow. Not sure what is broken, but the back cover blew out and the connector the connects the spool to the lever broke in the process. Bigwood: the chipper is a beast, and has not given me much problems, but this is crazy. When I am in the market...
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    Vermeer equipment

    Thats the thing on the valve bank. I did bring it to a repair shop. They called the manufacturer and the manufacturer said they built the valve bank specifically for vermeer and could not sell any parts to anyone other then vermeer. Its a 2003 chipper, but only has about 800 hours. Vermeer...
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    Vermeer equipment

    I have a vermeer SC60TX stump grinder with a bad planetary drive. I can get it fixed for $1200.00 but it will take 90 days to get the parts, so I have to buy a new one for $2700.00 I also have a BC2000 chipper with a bad valve bank. It has 3 spools and one is broken. Vermeer does not sell...
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    2 man personnel basket

    I have a national crane and would like to get a personnel basket for it. Any suggestions as to where I should get one and what to look for?
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    First try with a helmet cam

    Good job, The gopro takes some good videos. I bought one last month. What software did you use to edit your videos?
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    remove outrigger on National 600D

    I have a National crane series 600D and my outrigger is leaking. I would like to pull it out and take it to a shop for repairs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? It looks simple: pop out 2 pins, disconnect 2 hoses, and pull outrigger out from top. What do ya'll think?
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    Should the water be removed?

    The water on the ground is result of alot of rain that we have been getting, if fact it rained that morning. The top of the water oak has 3 main branches, 2 of which has major defects. The customer wants to keep the live oak and I am afraid the the water oak will out grow the live oak and...
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    Should the water be removed?

    The live oak with the tire is to remain. There is also another swing not pictured they want to keep as well. The top of the water oak is in bad shape, but it is not close to the house. Can the 2 trees co exist?

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