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    Trimming a Neighbor’s Tree

    I always talk to the neighbor and get permission and always dead wood the tree and offer a light trim for free for allowing me easy access into the canopy,then I become there tree guy:numberone:I have learned as a tree guy we can make bad blood good blood with good good vibes!!!!sometimes I feel...
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    Climbing boots for spikes/removal and trimming.

    Chipawaz for the spikes,and Asolos for the trims and the rock rappels!!!
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    Pruning saws are SHARP

    The pen is way mightier than the sword:cachetada:Good to bring up and remind peeps we all forget and start swingin are hand blades around
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    Looking for a new climbing harness - 75% spur removals on doug firs, but also SRT, etc

    I couldnt agree more about the rope bridge crazy you put your trust in something and cant,those were the early years of rope bridges and learned they cant use certain blends of rope def at the time not enough testing.I do trust the saddle I am on 2nd one I just mod it to my spects ,for the price...
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    Looking for a new climbing harness - 75% spur removals on doug firs, but also SRT, etc

    The weaver cougar is a great saddle for the price,I mod mine out wit CT riggin paws for a double rope bridge and is also setup wit double buckstrap,And I love the belt buckle set it and forget it.I got friends that buy a saddle every year tryin to find what i found 8 yrs ago.I have tried just...
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    Looking for a new flipline

    Whatever you choose,make it or order it longer and get yo self 2 shizills and make it a double flip line.Double flip is the best thing since toilet paper!!!!!!
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    CCW while you climb?

    I like to backpack my shotgun,some HTP and Ropewrench and get high in the canopy and shoot me some deer,I can switch it up on the deer,never in the same tree!!!Oh man I love me some rec. climbing,give me a giant dualing trunk old white oak and I can get lost in her limbs for hours!!!!
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    Tips/articles/advice for doing 2-rope SRT? (ie having a second anchor/rope setup)

    Get Big Shot wit trigger so u can aim and keep steady shot, you can get very good at shooting after 1 month of it.Me and my Bigshot have to bailout hand throwers all the time LOL!!!Hand throwing can be fun but not the same as a steady ready aim.I climb dual srt so I can preset everything from...
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    Decisions Decisions

    10 mm Armour prus will flo like water on the bluemoon,Michoachan knot is a great choice,anyother knot will tighten up on you and slow yo flow and take away yo CHI !!!!Plus SRT is the way be,it is the safest and should be the standard in tree work,I can use the canopy of the tree for compression...

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