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    Wrong Tree

    first time my brother worked with me and another guy, we were told to prune a few trees at a house. supposed to take 3 hours (bid for 3 hours). we took four hours pruning (me and the other guy were experienced, 3+ yrs exp together) while my brother was hauling brush to the truck. we took the...
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    Hazards of Tree Climbing?

    BEES saw slipping rope not long enough hey sizzler, you an artist? you should sell some work!
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    tree knife?

    i don't remember the name of the movie, but was it made in 70s? about a girl who has a dream that the rapture happened and she was left behind? her mother left and her and her father were left behind. people were given the mark of the beast on their forehead
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    defamation of character

    here is a question asked to a former employer of my wife... "would you rehire raeanna", my understandign of this question means that an employer can give an answer with emotion and personal thoughts. my understanding of the legal system in this particular situation is that the hiring company can...
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    defamation of character

    what questions can a future employer ask previous employers? i have heard that only- how long has XX employee worked for you, what was the last date worked, and is XX elegible for rehire?
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    homlite 190

    anyone knwo much about a homlite (sp?) 190? quite an old saw. passed down from my in-laws' father. does not currently work, i have no clue how to fix it if it is possible. would it be something looking into? it has no chain brake, so i know of a saftey hazard of using it, but is it worth hanging...
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    my new house

    hey, i just noticed that i am now a "buzz regular". i feel kindda proud of my self
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    Petzl-metal sleeve ball lock

    any chance they give out free samples? sure would like to say that my first personal biner was a "just on the market" item
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    Scary hack work

    dhuffnmu mentioned that if he saw hack work taking place, he would stop. i have worked in tree care for over a year, and i have only seen 1 tree company actuallyu working- asplundt. they were removing 2 trees so a road could be made. but other than that, i have not had the chance to see another...
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    my new house

    word of mouth works one person at a time, word of action effects multitudes of passer-byers
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    breakaway flipline or harness

    "In such situations, I use a lanyard with a french prusik adjuster as an auto block, for easy slack tending; I just clip a micro pulley and cord above the hitch. I then take the knot out of the end of the lanyard. If I need to bail out, I just grab the cord and everything takes care of itself -...
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    Pole Saw Positioning

    i rarely used a chainsaw in the tree, so i used my saw lanyard to hold the pole saw
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    arborist store

    does anyone know of an arborist store near/west of indianapolis indiana. or a way that i could find a store in that area?
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    finger traps

    question from pondering when using a throw line in a tree, would it be possible to push an end of the climbing line into a chinese finger trap or something similar- something that cinches when being pulled, then run the line up the tree? rope setup: throwbag->throw line->finger...
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    I'll have 2 oaks extra topping please.

    Re: I\'ll have 2 oaks extra topping please. i will be moving to Indiana in a few weeks, seems like EVERY tree in the town that i will be living in has been topped at least once. looked in the phone book, only 4 tree service companies listed, 2 list topping as a service, and my in-laws said that...