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    Swurfer installation

    Those look like a lot of fun, I wanna try it :) If it was mine, I might only put it up when it’s gonna be used. Could leave throw line or paracord in place when pulling the rope out.
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    Check out this new Saw Lanyard I just got.

    I really like the look and price of it. 28$ Canadian is around 21$ and change US. The only rating I’m seeing is the biner on it is 12kn. Do you know if it’s a breakaway saw lanyard? I’ll give it a try if it’s not a breakaway. Thanks for putting that up man!
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    And here I was only worried about widowmakers and hangers . . .

    They’re kinda cute. Hope they’re not splatting.
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    Outa rope

    Possible they mistakenly sent you a 120’ with a few feet loss for the splice, instead of 150’ minus splice? Sounds about right, yeah? I’d definitely let the seller know, probably an honest mistake and most vendors would want the chance to make things right.
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    Road Trip

    Something you’ve just always wanted to do? You’re doing what i daydream of doing man! One of these days. Safe travels and happy camping!
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    Is rope wrench on a 10mm rope possible?

    Maybe a piece of metal tubing that the slic pin fits through, cut down to fit between the plates. In essence it’d be like a thicker slic pin.
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    Crane accident...

    If it all went down just how you say, ultimately the climber should not have made that cut. Law and liability and the like aren’t my forte, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the crane company was held accountable to some degree. This shit is heartbreaking. Deepest sympathies to his family and...
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    Noob questions

    Axes have their place. I use one to knock dirt and mud off before cutting, trying to keep my chains sharp. Also for driving wedges with the hammer side. Rarely for splitting, I much prefer a 6 or 8lb maul, or even better a real machine. I’ve never used one for limbing, I just always use a saw.
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    Noob questions

    Curious if anyone is using stopper knot bridges on that saddle. I can’t think of a single reason why not to, aside from Petzl wanting you to use their bridges. A little piece of 11mm climbing line like Velocity or Blaze with double overhand stopper knots should be fine, right?
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    Noob questions

    What he said. Just pick a reputable company. ISC rings are great and really almost as inexpensive as no name Chinese ones. I want to stress that it’s important to go with a good manufacturer for every piece of life support gear. Every component that could drop you if it fails needs to be from a...
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    Outa rope

    I’m really glad to hear this turned out well. Very solid advice and I will start making a habit of it. Seldom is 120’ or 150’ not enough here, but it’s happened before. Was a real eye opener hearing about a very experienced arborist with a solid record of decades of safe work rappelling off the...
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    Noob questions

    You got the right idea for sure. Starting on the ground with a reputable tree service is the way to go, in my opinion. You should be very proficient with a chainsaw on the ground first, and you should learn a ton about good tree care and safe work practices and rigging. There’s a lot more to it...
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    hydraulic oil filter change on dump box?

    I was gonna mention that exact same thing. Best bet might be only to replace the same volume you’re taking out, so keep track of what you take out.
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    Im back.

    SRT is still gaining more and more, there’s some more SRT multiscenders, notably the Akimbo and probably the HitchHiker 2 and HitchHiker X. Petzl makes their own Rope Wrench called the Chicane, only it’s not like the Rope Wrench because they say so and money. Weaver Leather is bullying one of...