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    Weaver Denali

    I have one. I don’t climb much anymore but my limited experience has left me unimpressed. Cons: can’t open leg loops completely, so you have to loosen them way open to get in and out, but the adjustment still takes two hands to push webbing through (maybe it will break in?) Belt buckles above...
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    What type of AR are you?

    I wrote a short article for our chapter newsletter about the different types of rescuers I’ve seen in contests. See if you can find yourself. Can’t link straight to article—scroll to page 8.
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    which kid's harness?

    thanks for the feedback.
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    which kid's harness?

    I'm looking into hosting kid climbs this summer and shopping for gear. Petzl has the Oustiti harness for kids up to 66 lbs. and Simba for kids up to 88 lbs. Does anyone have experience comparing these two? I'm inclined to just get Simbas. Will I lose a lot of little bitties that way? We might...
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    Woodlandpro Chains

    I used them regularly for years. I hand filed and kept them sharp with no real issues. I generally trashed them because of a stump cut or a rock or something before they wore out. Not saying they couldn't be sharpened at that point, but that's one of the advantages of how cheap they are, in my...
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    Traditional to eye and eye split tail

    This seems pretty well covered, but I have to add that Blake's can be tended with a micropulley or keychain biner same as a VT-style hitch. It's not quite as smooth and easy, and might leave a little more slack between grabs, but seeing a climber stranded because they didn't have a free hand is...
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    Work Photos

    My years of experience are in the City, not the woods, but they have taught me that the best of us still make mistakes sometimes. In fact, the complacency shown by your pics and this post often lead to the mistakes. We could spend hours posting examples of guys who thought they were infallible...
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    Why aint you the cheapest?

    just be careful to keep it non-specific. Setting prices with competitors is illegal collusion.
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    TX governor wants to stop tree protection ordinances

    It probably is true, to some extent, but, as we have just seen, even people in the industry who should know better still don't fully appreciate the extent to which they benefit. If the city told people they would get $1000 rebate to keep their tree. I believe most would accept that. Our...
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    TX governor wants to stop tree protection ordinances

    Are you deliberately misinterpreting the data, or just not actually reading it? You can't just decree that trees are more of an expense than a benefit. When faced with overwhelming evidence that you are wrong, you will have to come up with something other than your own opinion to show you're...
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    Trees from a distance

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    TX governor wants to stop tree protection ordinances

    stop guessing and read the data. Multiple studies have found the same ROI. This includes the iTree analyses, which are "average" returns based on species and diameter, but also very specific studies in specific situations, such as comparing infrastructure costs before/after either a major...
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    TX governor wants to stop tree protection ordinances
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    TX governor wants to stop tree protection ordinances

    Abbott removed his trees with permission. He complains because he was required to replace them. Tree maintenance is not expensive for cities. Every dollar spent returns up to $5 in infrastructure services (stormwater abatement, air cleaning, electricity savings due to shade, etc.). One 20" tree...
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    Rookie mistake

    I understand where you come from in not wanting to offend the customer, but I think we have to take control to some extent to maintain safe work sites. If we play up the safety angle, I think most people would quickly get over any hurt feelings. I would probably keep my mouth shut if they came...

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