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    Echo CS-355T

    I have never been been impressed with any Echo chainsaw myself because they are underpowered if you compare them to a Sthil. We have a few Echo pieces and I must say they are reliable considering the care they recieve which is almost nill. This new top handle that has been introduced is Echo's...
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    7th bid

    The theme in this thread seems to be having the customer or potential client pull out a stack of written estimates and reveal who is bidding and at what price and see if they can get one contractor to play against another contractor based on price and see who can cut each others throat the...
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    Awesome Crane Article in TCI Mag!

    Good job on the article. It made for some very good reading.
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    another backleaner

    I doubt it.
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    Simple 3:1 technique

    I give it a definate thumbs up. I like it. Much more steamlined in terms of gear and set-up to use when the need comes up. You did your home work on this one. Hey Reg , try smiling a little. If the grin icon doesn't show -up I am just poking a little fun at you , nothing personal. I have...
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    Double Line Rope Walker Follow-up

    Jerry, Thanks for showing how to choke the lanyard around a stem in this vid for more stable positioning when your tie in point is working against you and the usual way of going around the stem with the lanyard doesn't work so good for stability. I used this technique the other day and it...
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    Mark Chisholm takes down Tree in NYC

    I got winded just from watching him drive those wedges. Too much work for me. Larry
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    how do you set this up?

    Gerry, Thank-you so much for taking the time to show this style of rope walking. I like it. Simple easy and down to earth that any climber can switch over too with out alot of hassle. Did I say I like it. I have tried some of this SRT and found it just wasn't for me or really fit my style of...
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    how do you set this up?

    You have my attention on this one. Can't wait to see the vid. Larry
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    the polesaw

    I am with you on that one Guy, telescoping pole saws are the way to go after you learn how to work with one. Any feedback on the Jamesons telescoper with the new locking mechanism??? How does it compare to the old??? They have been out for awhile now and I would like to get one. I like my...
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    Confined Space

    Nice work as usual Todd. You are the man and so is Jason for tackling these sticky jobs. Winch on grapple is a good idea. Anyway to get some pics. I have a pretty good idea on how that set-up would look like. Much better than playing around with a chain when the grapple doesn't have enough...
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    why do people feel they need to bid so high

    Wait. There was a time before internets? yes, believe it or not there was Is a trade pub somewhere you can buy beer? trade publications, sorry for the abbreveation
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    why do people feel they need to bid so high

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] i was just wondering why you guys charge so much for using a chain-saw, some rope, and a truck. i think if you subsituted hatchet with chain saw and pure brute power with truck you would have a friggen cave man, you guys are doing primitive work with no high tech equipment...
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    Speedline w/ short distance to work with

    Very nice work, Mahk. I seldom use a speedline but seeing the different ways to rig one up will be helpful in the future. I am sure of that. Thanks for sharing Larry
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    Come a long, or something else?

    After doing a Cottonwood removal yesterday that had a very bad back lean next to a retaining wall with a lake below it. That GRCS truck mount for a reciever tube hitch is looking more appealing then ever. I find a 5 to 1 to be overated and limiting for most tree work. Come alongs are clumsy...

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