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    Thank you for your interest! The project manager, Matt Parker, will be contacting you to discuss your questions! Please don't hesitate to reach out should you think of any further questions. Also, if you have any referrals you would like to submit for anyone, please let me know! We have several...
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    Vegetation Management

    Are there any arborists interested in Vegetation Management in California! We have several opportunities opening up in January!
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    Experienced Contract Climber

    Hi Ryan! It's Tiffany with Atlas Field Services! It's been a while since we last spoke! Are you or do you know of anyone that may be interested in onboarding with us in the near future? Give me a call at 281.407.2416 to discuss our expansion!
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    Job Description CERTIFIED ARBORIST / CONSULTING UTILITY FORESTER POSITION SUMMARY As an independent utility vegetation management consulting contractor, Atlas Field Services, LLC has supported our client's vegetation management programs since 2016. Our company consists of ISA Certified Arborists...
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    Consulting Utility Forester - California

    Thank you so much! We do have an onboarding scheduled for November 24, 2019 if you know of anyone that may be interested!
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    Consulting Utility Forester - California

    Job Description Consulting Utility Forester – Pre-Inspector/Work Planner Atlas Field Services (AFS) is currently seeking a Consulting Utility Forester/Pre-Inspector to join our team as a full-time employee in San Ramon, California. This position will directly contribute to providing a more...

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