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    Tree Mapping

    We actually use Arbostar for tree mapping. it is also a great tool to create estimates and generate invoices
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    Nondisclosure/noncompete employee agreement

    If privacy is your concern, then the employees should sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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    Employee Safety Manual/Employee Handbook

    You should refer to TCIA for all safety regulations
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    TCIA Article on Financing

    Banks are becoming relics and things of the past. People just stick to them for stability and safety. However, people are slowly moving to more flexible and modern solutions like the ones stated in the article.
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    Small Company Business Models

    For me i will invest more on machines and equipment. they are the most reliabe. However, a few dedicated workers who are willing to go all the way will be perfect.
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    Ground worker pay range

    $30/hr and more
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    Anyone Have Experience With Thumbtack??

    Well, they have changed a lot over the years
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    Grapple truck insurance

    That's quite expensive for me
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    Looking for insurance/ advice for solo work

    Goodluck in your endeavors. you should not forget about insurance.
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    SingleOps feedback/discussion

    We used single ops for about a year. but then switched to Arbostar
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    Fleet (vehicles & equipment) management app reviews, please!

    We use ArboStar. it has a greet fleet managment and HR module.
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    Should You Ask Customers for a Review?

    give them incentives for leaving a review.
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    Company Day Rates for Customers-- thoughts

    Charging per hour, per type of equipment, per man, is the best way to go
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    Quickbooks Online

    You can just start using a platform such as ArboStar that streamlines your business process as well as intergrates with quickbooks online

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