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Swamp White Oak Recreational Tree Climb With A Friend

A swamp white oak recreational tree climb with my friend Cereal Killer. Join us as we travel to the top of a Swamp White Oak in Southeastern Ohio in June 2019. Special guest appearance by Loca the dog.
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AWESOME SAUCE!!! Loved it, may even post to my personal facebook (am trying my hardest to turn *anyone* in my area into a climber so I can have a climbing-buddy!)
Kept pausing but wasn't positive, that was the dmm captain hook right? Would love to hear your thoughts, am so eager to get a throwing-hook/anchor but damn that is an expensive hunk of aluminum....unsure how much significance to put on their claims of it being 'self aligning', have you found that to be the case? Also I hate to be 'that guy' but aren't you only supposed to use a hook on a branch *below* the one that rope goes over, like the hook goes over a branch, down to the next branch and grabs that next branch, so that there's less risk of bounce and loss-of-bite? Obviously I've never even used one so...
Thanks, again that was just awesome I want to go climb right now but today's meant to be recovery ugh :p

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