200' Yale XTC Eclipse 1/2" 16-strand rope, sewn eyes both ends, used with the Rig N' Wrench setup.
They're actually made by a company named ToughBuilt that makes tool belts, tool bags, etc. and these were "materials bag" or something. I picked up a couple of them for cheap when a local Menards store stopped carrying this particular item. They had them clearance marked for like $20.00 so I took the only two they had left. Super heavy duty. Much heavier material than any rope bag I've owned or seen. The material is so thick, they don't need any kind of insert to stand up stiff while you flake the rope in. I'd like to have more of them, but online I think they're about $70.00 so I'll wait until I can catch them on sale.
I love that you made a label that says 'rope bag'
have you labelled everything in the kitchen for the wife yet? :D
Oh, let's not go there... she's got me building a new pantry, and has already confiscated the labelmaker machine out of my shop...

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