3:1 DWT with RnW and OmniBlock Pulleys

3:1 DWT with RnW and OmniBlock Pulleys

The RnW would actually be close to the climber, and further away from the pulleys, but scale is an issue trying to draw things with Paint.
It is assumed that the anchor points would be chosen with the expected forces kept in mind. It works regardless of whether the pulleys are on the same branch, this is just an easy way to picture the setup principle.
Thanks for creating and posting this illustration, @JeffGu. I appreciate the effort, and will keep this in mind for future experimentation. It looks like it could be fun to play with.
This is actually an example of using MA with a Rig 'N Wrench, which has fixed friction with a given rope and load weight... to increase the load capacity while still allowing lifting... in the gallery, the original context isn't presented. The decreased speed of movement of the load, and decreased load felt by the climber (who is handling the piece) and the travel direction of the load were all considerations in the context because the climber is handling the rigging as well as the cutting.

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