Tree Buzz Spotlight

The Case for Dynamic Limb Restraint Systems

It is determined that the tree has a weakness in it. Take it down? Or provide some assistance to it and extend the life and beauty of the tree?

The Guardian offers these advantages and benefits:

  • Dynamic, supplemental support allows the tree to sway naturally, building its own tissue to strengthen itself.
  • No drilling; no wounds to the tree.
  • Installation is faster, simpler, easier than steel.
  • Convenient, lightweight materials.
  • Fewer tools required than steel (only a splicing tool and a scissors).
  • Fewer parts to inventory (3/4" or 3/8" rope and the protective shield).
  • UV stabilized fibers maintain strength and longevity for many years in the trees; 40% better than polypropylene ropes.
  • No rubber insert needed with the controlled stretch, flat braid construction.

Important Notes:

  • Trees compensate for the forces and loads to which they are exposed by allocating resources to build tissue. When static, steel cables are installed, they become part of the whole tree's system and take away the tree's ability to put on new tissue.
  • Cabling of any kind provides only supplemental support (not actual support) to the tree to lengthen its useful life. It does not transform a hazardous tree into a safe tree.
  • Once cabling of any kind is installed in the tree, annual inspection is necessary to ensure that the system is still appropriate for the growing tree.

  Guardian Dynamic Limb Restraint System

•  Strong and lightweight materials

•  Simple, quick installation

•  Superior UV-resistance means longer life

Everything you need for installing effective limb restraints.

The Guardian Starter Kits includes everything you need to install dynamic limb restraint systems and have been designed for the single climber and for crews. The following are included in each kit - and sold individually at

  • The Guardian Stow is a roomy backpack you can wear into the tree. Its zipper top lets you release just the amount of line you need and pockets and gear loops hold your accessories and tools for splicing.
  • The Guardian Giant , available in black or white, is 300 feet of 3/4" line with an MBS of 9800 lbs.
  • The Guardian Dwarf , available in white, is 75 feet of 3/8" line for small and ornamental trees with an MBS of 2600 lbs. Sold separately by the foot.
  • The Guardian Shield is 75 feet of black, tubular webbing used to protect the line from the friction of the bark. Also sold by the foot.
  • The Guardian Tools include shears, splicing staff and a quiver.

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