Tree Buzz Spotlight

Fall River, MA -   May 20, 2005 - New England Ropes, the leading manufacturer of ropes for the industrial, life safety, and arboriculture markets,   introduces its new Therma-Shield™ Prusik.

Therma-Shield™   Prusik utilizes New England Ropes HRC, the "Heat Resistant Cover" that is a blend of braided Technora and Spun Nomex. This unique cover material combines abrasion resistance with exceptional resistance to surface melting.  

Therma-Shield™   Prusik   comes standard with a braided core of 100% Vectran, a liquid crystal polymer that has very high strength, high melting point and ultra low stretch.   The product has a superb hand, is supple out of the box, maintains this suppleness throughout its useful life, and provides maximum grip.   Therma-Shield™   Prusik is available in 8mm diameter only and has a tensile strength of 6,100 pounds.   Therma-Shield™   Prusik can be purchased pre-tied or by the foot through leading tree care suppliers.

New England Ropes is a leading cordage manufacturer servicing over 9 markets globally. Besides pioneering the 16-strand climbing category with the introduction of industry-standard Braided Safety Blue™ and Hi-Vee™ , New England Ropes has been engineering solutions for work and play at height for over 38 years.


Bill Shakespeare
Market Manager