Rigging Software® 1.0

Rigging Software

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Do you know that in a 5-foot fall, an 800-pound log can deliver nearly 22,000 pounds of force on your equipment? Do you know the result if this scenario were tipped on a 30-degree angle? Thanks to engineer friends within the industry, computer techs and ArborMaster® Training, this awesome new software program brings safety one giant step closer to your everyday routine. Rigging Software® 1.0 uses a built-in log weight chart against a variety of known variables to allow professional riggers to quickly calculate forces involved in various rigging scenarios. Simply key in the length and diameter of the wood being cut, choose from the list of rope sizes (including length within the system), pick out your branch angle from an illustration, and the program does the rest. Within seconds you¹ll know the factor of safety and receive advice on alternatives before your team ties the first knot!

System requirements: Windows 98 or higher, 16MB Ram, 1 GB hdd, and/or
Windows compatible PDA (not Palm)

Available at Sherrill Arborist Supply and participating Vermeer dealers.
1-800-525-8873; www.sherrillinc.com