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Kerigor's power lay in his followers. His art was to draw upon them, and his downfall was to depend upon it.
Me and a non-climbing friend out in the woods:
Me: Do you see that? :O *points at a big tree on a slope*
Friend: What? Is there an animal or what? I dont see anything!
Me: a GIANT Ropeswing!!! :O
Your pic is seriously stressing me out, I live under the constant fear of you standing behind me, or even worse, on my next tree...
Yo Mr Serf! Do we know each other? Do you have anything to do with the musical group "The Serfs" of NH and ME?
Not trying to be too nosy and I respect your anonymity if that's what you prefer! I live in Deering Center in Portland, so no islander am I, although I'm a little familiar with Casco Bay. Have a great memorial day!
Serf Life
The same to you, don't believe we've met but perhaps through a UMaine fungal/forestry connection. Worked as a student in a number of labs there a decade ago. Graduated to a brush dragging peasant, hence the name. Hoping to be free for the next myco-meeting you folks have and cross paths, have a stellar Memorial Day!
Sthil 161 T battery tophandle....when available on E Coast? Anyone have any info on the available? Also, these are AP300 battery I believe, correct?

Well, you got me beat there Brother Man!!
Nice Avatar!!

What kind of tree was that?
mine was an Arbutus...
Plains Cottonwood
Waiting on precossing loan for a brand new Brush bandit 75 XL. Can hardly wait to get a great new machine after selling my Vermeer bc700xl piece of crap!
I’ve been demoing some 12” Machines lately. I have it narrowed down to Bandit. The 12 XPC Gas or the 150 XP
Kubota Tier 3 ? There’s not much Price difference ? The XPC is Lighter to Tow.