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Sthil 161 T battery tophandle....when available on E Coast? Anyone have any info on the available? Also, these are AP300 battery I believe, correct?

Well, you got me beat there Brother Man!!
Nice Avatar!!

What kind of tree was that?
mine was an Arbutus...
Plains Cottonwood
Waiting on precossing loan for a brand new Brush bandit 75 XL. Can hardly wait to get a great new machine after selling my Vermeer bc700xl piece of crap!
I’ve been demoing some 12” Machines lately. I have it narrowed down to Bandit. The 12 XPC Gas or the 150 XP
Kubota Tier 3 ? There’s not much Price difference ? The XPC is Lighter to Tow.
Can't figure out where you are located; I have students looking for jobs in their home areas that might be a good fit, but I need to know where you work.
Why, every race has a right to some roots. Even your - human - race, whose roots should be sought in the treetops, after all.