You might be a redneck if...


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I think Partner is also under the umbrella (pretty sure of it, really) maybe as well non-North-American McCulloch (or one of the other older names we all know, not sure; but I'm pretty sure it's not Homelite). Jonsered is definitely an Elux wearing prettier clothes.

After having "said" that, I googled "electrolux chainsaw" and after a couple of mouse clicks found "Electrolux - Outdoor brands".


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'Taint nuttin rong wid bein a rednek! Jes tink abut it. yu nevr haf to wurry 'bout drownin kuz ur frum the shallow end of the jean pool! /forum/images/graemlins/beer.gif

'sides if ya need a date fer saterday nite just knock on yer sisters door (if she has one /forum/images/graemlins/applaudit.gif)

Anyhow, isn't it more fun to be an educated, experienced RedNeck with the ability to work through a problem as opposed to being a stuff-shirt, theory-laden, socially-inept, morally-bankrupt intellectual lacking the common sense to get out of the way of a moving train?

Come-on it's RED NECK ALL THE WAY!

(this message brought to you from the People's Republic of Vermont: Land of the Free and Home of the Depraved. Where we occasionally throw a little Chlorine into the Gene Pool to keep it Sanitary)