X-ring, ring and ring sling info

Steve Connally

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No it's totally fine. I just think the other rings are better. Hopefully I will hear something from the factory rep at some point. I don't think i'll hear from Dave's family.
They had a sample bend-right ring at Universal field supplies/The arborist store in Ontario back in the summertime that was given to a customer to try out.
The max rope size that comfortably fit through was 5/8" but is spliced with 3/4" tenex-tec. The bend ratio was very nice, but would be a better product if the ring would fit max 3/4" rope.


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We run 1/2" & 5/8" rigging lines and I have a mix of xrr from David. I get that bigger is better and very cool, but did anyone have any issues with the beast or any other rings? Wear tear actual product issues?

Again no problem with one the size of my hat but curious to it's benefit from the working point of view.


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They're designed to be used like a block. Instead of spliced to specific sling. Watched the vids months ago and saw a demo of it being used like DMM's large block. The one with the hollow pulley axis. The large ring was suspended for a rigging point over a clear LZ, in a crowded area.
2163.jpg 15789.jpg has anyone ever used a loop ring sling attached to an ultrasling to make it a removable 2 ring ultra? I kno i can make it with 2 rings but id like the option to usethe 2 slings seperate or as 1 for different things. Trying to make the most of my only 2 large abr rings.