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I'm in Central AL. Drink lots of water, and hydrate well at night too. During the work day I have Electrolyte drinks, lots of bananas, apples, nectarines, grapefruit, whatever....lots of fruit. Also, For me, I had to learn to slow down a little bit, and try to not do too much extra moving than what I have to. Hit some shade every little bit. It took me about 3 summers to get used it to the point where I wasn't miserable anymore. I think that part was mental. A few years ago I kept telling myself that I had to move my fam up north, that I couldn't take it anymore. Lo and behold, I'm still here.

I just looked at yalls weather forecast, y'all are definitely going through a hot spell right now. Ouch. Be careful.

Merle Nelson

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Cool Vest mentioned by Tim and Sean is not just for comfort, though it does contribute to my comfort as I work. I have pushed myself into heat exhaustion a couple of times in life and it keeping my core body temp down helps to not do that a third time.


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I wrote mine today again. Nothing to hot, 80 degrees and full sun on a removal. Could have done without it. I feel much better at night, after wearing it, though.
I see a few different types of coolvests. What style / type are you guys wearing? Do they feel bulky and restrictive? Could have really used one last week. Crane job I was on was terrible, I could really feel myself slowing down because I was so hot and getting exhausted. I'm glad the other climber I brought out could pick up my slack.


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Worth every penny.

Way least bulky and conversions than working when overheated. Much easier to maintain focus when cooler.

I was thinking yesterday that they need to make them ANSI-Compatible for roadside work.

Last summer I was climbing a big, extended forest maple over a small primary at 95* and shady. Would have not done that job that day (or the next out the next) because of the CV.

Is a winter later too bulky when it's 20*F?

$200 well spent!

Yesterday, keeping the sun of my new, very short haircut with a wet TS freebie, and dust out of my nose, sinuses, and lungs.

80* and full sun, no worries.

So far I've probably worn it 20 times since last summer...$10/day to work in the closest I'll get to A/C in a tree. Still in fine shape. Good for a hot truck without A/C, which is possible in this part of the country.

Looks like they now make a hi viz with reflective material!


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Tc262 I have the Hi Vis Original that I like the most. I wear it with the 'nail protector' set. Not too bulky.

I also have an older Sport Vest in orange. Running that out on pitchy pine take downs.


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Worked in a town home complex today doing building clearance, raising/elevating, little bit of structural pruning/thinning. Much hotter feeling, but kept drinking water every chance I got. Forced it down even when I didn't want it, and felt good all day, or as good as you could in 98F in the shade (none to be had, despite the "trees" we pruned).


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When I finished up yesterday and was leaving the parking lot pruning job, the temp on the sign was 100. Didn't really feel that bad. Certainly not as bad as Saturday morning on the same site.


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Have any of you tried wearing the long sleeve fishing t-shirts? I got one from gander mt and have tried it out the last 2 days. I like it. It stays damp and seems to keeps me cool without getting oversaturated. Probably not as cooling as the coolvest but, I figured if it works for fishermen in the hot sun then, it may be worth a try.