Woods red oak climb during peak avian migration


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I can almost see Lummi from the cliffs near my place. There is some public land behind me and there is a huge tree with a seven foot eagle nest. About ten years ago the neighbors missed their black and white cat. Very distinctive fur, just like some I saw scattered under that eagle nest tree when I went hiking up there same afternoon.
Sorry about the cat but if a cat owner lets a small but highly effective predator roam about outside it may die by the sword in the same way it lives by the sword.


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Yea that's why I keep my cats inside most the time. A litter of 3 I found on a job in the woods behind a house. Sometimes I give in and let them out but I stay with them and bring them in before dark.
Their cool man they will walk the trails on my land with me like a dog would.


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I kept my own cat in for eleven years without him going out once, after I caught him killing songbirds. He could catch them right out of the air and I saw that he was doing it all the time. I let him back out eventually when he got too old. Then he liked to lay on the back porch railing and just watch the hummingbirds at the feeders. Probably was remembering the good old days when he was young enough to catch them!

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They definitely pop! Not all of our trees have leafed out yet and the sugar maples are that early stage all ethereal green, the new arrivals stand out. Had a rose-breasted grosbeak come in which I had never IDed before and the trout lilies are just starting to flower, spring is here finally goddamnit!