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I'm not trying to be offensive in any way, but what is the point of this category? We are no doubt, all here to discuss trees, climbing, etc. So why should there be a category based off of what internal/external reproductive organs one has? Surely men and women aren't different enough in their climbing needs/tree care needs to warrant a separation of the sexes in the forum.

Mark Chisholm

Agreed. I'm sure there's a reason for it though....
@Tom Dunlap @Mark Chisholm
Honestly it was put here at the request of a friend and champion climber from Australia. She thought that a place like this would help make it easier for new climbers to come here and discuss issues they have and help with their progression. I can tell you that I've seen some discussions where I wasn't aware of things that women climbers had to deal with. Does it bother you that it's here?


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I disagree, I feel that their are certain areas that women and men differ from one another in regards to tree work. I think having a place where women can come and get ideas, or ask questions to other woman is very helpful. It's not a woman's only club. Its just a way to organize the forum. Like why post about what type of pesticide to apply in the crane forum?
Thats my feelings anyway.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
What's the issue with having this forum?

Are you guys feeling slighted or excluded?

If any guy thinks that there aren't barriers and stratifications they need to take some time to think.

Like Mark said, the forum was a request from one of our female friends.

My view of the world is that if I can make a small effort to make the world better, why not? Having the WOTT forum is a small effort.

Over the years I've talked with women who work 'in the field' who have been treated really poorly by their male co-workers. That frustrates and angers me. After all these years...why?!

There isn't a guard at the door to WOTT keeping guys out. Guys are as welcome as anyone.


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I see it as a way for a small subgroup of folks within the industry to not feel so alone and isolated.

I bumped into and spoke at length to a male climber who was actively working in the industry about the very existence of the online arborist forums. I could tell by the questions he was asking me about my own setup that he did not have many people in his life that he felt comfortable talking to about these issues, for whatever reason. It seemed to me that he felt isolated and alone, with regard to trying to figure all of this stuff out.

When I told him that there were four forums that I was aware of, for arborists, he seemed to have a hard time wrapping his mind around the possibility. I told him "There are people who do your job every day, from all around the world, all talking to each other, and sharing words, photos and video about all of the gear and techniques they use to do the job." Or words to that effect. He seemed a bit stunned by the possibility.

So, when there are so few women in the trade, I can personally see how it might be nice for them to have a place to discuss common experiences with similar people.

That's about all I have to say on this issue.



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So, when there are so few women in the trade, I can personally see how it might be nice for them to have a place to discuss common experiences with similar people.

That's about all I have to say on this issue.

.....but in a public forum populated by males?

I would hardly expect more than a little bit.

No doubt they have their own network going on as well they should.


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They can at least make their presence known to each other, and discuss in the open things that feel comfortable there, and use the private message option for the other things. This section of the forum is just a place for them to gather if they wish to, and to take it from there.



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I just check in on this thread because I have a vagina. JUST KIDDING! I check in on it because I have been married long enough to know that women are fine-tuned to the details man-every little thing is part of the whole -know what I'm saying? Women pick up on the subtle differences that men just as aren't aware of. If I can get their perspective on a problem I'm having, it just might lead this caveman to a solution!


The lovely thing about the buzz is that nobody checks your trousers before you hit 'post reply'. Well, maybe as long as you aren't posting from North Carolina. As a woman in and out of the industry, it is nice to have a dedicated space here as there are a few old timers out there who haven't seen the light. I know as a new climber, seeing the presence of some of the women here helped inspire me to stop creeping and start posting. Tons of awesome tree dudes to boot makes it a win-win situation.


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The last two posts are, to me, confirmation for the usefulness and need for this section of the forum.



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It's perfectly fine with me. This is where I introduced myself, but then I got stuck into the other forms pretty quickly. Women tend to jump in a lot less on discussions. I wasn't exactly shy or perhaps prudent in that regard, but I've generally felt quite welcomed and treated fairly according to my experience level. It's been a complete pleasure for me with very few exceptions.
There's at least one Facebook group for women climbers only that gets a lot of traffic.
Men are very curious about what goes on in there. I can tell you it has a much different vibe than the typical macho posturing Facebook groups.
The topics are usually about finding clothing or gear that suits a smaller body.
Sometimes it's a place to vent about being sidelined, blocked or cut off by a crew or man who doesn't want a woman on the crew.