White pines with wet feet


I have two white pines in my yard that have looked unhealthy since we bought the property 7 years ago. They're still there. The needles never get a normal-looking green color. They are always more yellowish than the other white pines we have.

The ground around them has a very high water table most of the year. For probably 6 months out of the year the water table is within a foot of the ground surface. I think that's why the needles always look yellowish, but would like a second opinion (or third or fourth). There are no roots exposed at the surface (the nearby spruce trees all have exposed roots). The second concern are the brown portions of the needles seen in the closeup. Is this seasonal needle drop, or something else? Last summer we noticed a minor infestation of sawfly larvae, but they never took over the whole tree.

Any suggestions on how to get the trees to green-up better? Are the brown needles anything to be concerned about?


Oops. I forgot to attach the photos. I was in a rush to go kiteboarding on Lake Michigan in the sleet and snow. It's my other addiction. I wanted to abuse a different set of muscles. I succeeded. I may not be able to move tomorrow.


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