Which to choose? Compact utility tractor VS Mini Skid VS Gehl


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Ive read a few threads comparing the Mini skids and others comparing the front end mini loaders. However i have yet to see a discussion regarding the compact farm tractors thrown into the mix.

Our family business is based in eastern Canada where tree size / wood volume per job is not quite as much compared to the west coast. Average trees will grow up-to 80' with a crown radius of 40' (Similar to Mass / Maine). Now there is certainly a demand (my lower back) to increase wood / brush handling efficiency by placing a machine into the mix however I'm at a slight cross roads between the three.

I have been considering purchasing the John Deere 4066R mini tractor for the higher HP and light weight. Equipping the rear with a Farmi log winch and front with a Branch manager grapple. Pro Light weight and high HP, minimal turf damage with proper tires. multi use PTO attachment for rear mounted Miller stump grinder (anyone have experience with the PTO grinders?) or Wagon / trailer for cart a load of wood out. Cons - width of machine too large for gates, largest foot print of all machines


Mini skid SK 800 -SK1000 with branch manager setup. Pro - smaller, fits through gates easily and lightweight. Cons - lacks versatility with attachments and overall HP


Gehl 300/400 series Pro - Branch manager and winch setup. Highest lift capacity and tipping load of all three machines. Con - Similar output can be had by skid steer. gate setup might allow for width but not height? slightly overkill for eastern canada wood size

As you can see I am leaning heavily towards the tractor setup however I want to ask the question to the community -
Does anyone have experience with a Utility tractor setup which they swapped to a Mini or Gehl and why?

Should I consider a Skidsteer (Cat MTL 297d2 xhp or Terex PT75) ?

So many questions :)