Where is he when you need him?


That tree is good for another ten years around here /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif Notice the lack of burning tips or as we call it "electronic pruning". We don't mess around on our tailgate safety meetings. It takes a good four cups of coffee to get the mind working and the -20 C winchill to get the body moving.
They must have a lot of phone probems at the Byeloe in Heyden. Seems there is one or more of your trucks there all the time /forum/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif


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I have my people watching you at all times in case you get within the safe limits of approach around my cables.
Did you work the Bellevue Valley lead?
I 'm doing the Agawa trip tomorrow to see what I have laying on our lines.
Tell Steve I got permission for him to take any trees off our cable that he happens upon.
Try and get the license number of those guys at the Esso so I can report them. /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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Too cold and snowy on Friday, got as far as Heyden and had 0 visibility.
Looked for a spot to set it down and has luck would have it the only place open for an emergency landing was the Esso. /forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Here's what's going to happen to you at Northland ...


There is a nasty little rumor going around that myself and a couple others will be going to Northland soon to take care of a few trees. This will all be during a scheduled outage so I'm breaking out the Jonsered 2171 and letting some timber fly. The lines could go for a bounce, especially those thick black ones on the bottom of our poles /forum/images/graemlins/ahhhhh.gif

You keep talking about Northland you'll be spending the rest of winter up there splicing wire and fixing terminal boxes with mysterious "gaff-like" holes in the top of them /forum/images/graemlins/avid.gif

I'll try to snag the digital camera that day just to show what Northland has to offer. No promises on whether or not the job is a go so keep your fingers crossed Kev.

Whats funny about those pictures you have is that I used to work for those guys in the Atlantic Canada division. Kinda crazy idea to push with the blade of the skidder with no pulling at the top. Would have been more "sane" to use the skidder winch and a really strong rope to pull the tree over as it was being cut. Tying the rope off to the top really served no purpose if the skidder blade was doing all the work. At least no one was hurt.



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Check out the picture I posted there tonight and you'll see why it went the way it did. /forum/images/graemlins/ahhhhh.gif
I hope you have tracks for Northland because she ain't plowed out.
Where's that guy from Wilderness that wants to ride the strand?
Remember that pine you saw the contractor take down while I was on holidays, well he broke two of the three lashing wires and the fiber is coming off the strand. /forum/images/graemlins/9lame.gif