What tree is this?

Just bought a house that’s got about 6 of these trees on the property. They all are full of dead wood, and are very sappy when freshly cut. It spurs extremely hard and the wood is yellow when first cut, like locust. I know it’s not honey or black locust. Friend of mine that’s an arborist said mulberry, (I’ve never seen mulberry grow to this size?), and none of them have fruit. So what is it? The neighbors to the west of me have a handful of them as well. Location is central Indiana A6015037-F701-44A7-8B8B-5DDA3391C4AE.jpegF7CC8169-F4DF-49D9-9AB5-365C3E11B6D6.jpeg11F97898-6514-4F56-A478-493AD6ED5D80.jpeg