What this?


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I’m leaning saprophytic on a decaying root. Seems like a straight line to a major buttress. There is more going on with the tree that needs to be looked at, and this is only one element. Recommended lvl 3 9F1AF2C7-9614-4C9B-ACDB-DF0F588C00AE.jpeg D904A773-8082-47B7-9751-293BC69B6FDE.jpeg


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Definitely (?) a Favolus, in a broad sense. I learned what I take to be this one as F. alveolaris. Really up-to-date folks might put this species in the new-ish genus Neofavolus, separated from Favolus due to microscopic features on the outer layer of the cap (not shown). It is in the Polypore family. In fact, some experts call this one Polyporus alveolaris or Polyporus mori. Although I steer away from common names, this is the "honeycomb" polypore. The latin word for honeycomb is favus.
Yes, a saprobe on more-or-less recently dead wood, especially woody roots. See it most often just like in the images, connected to shallow woody roots. Not generally regarded as a problem, except perhaps for appearances.


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@KTSmith thanks a bunch! This Doug fir sounded hollow enough to warrant a level 3, coupled with a recent lean makes me leary. Fungi is on the compression side, but likely has few tension roots due to the dignout for the foundation 20 years ago


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sorry but I boycott Home Depot. Guess a high dollar return visit is warranted.

but seriously I had a hour to look at 22 trees. The scope was for a level one. There were 4 trees which need closer attention, this is only one. One is condemned outright, 3 sound hollow enough for a level 3. This tree has a very recent lean, a warrants a closer look regardless of root decay. I was there and you were not, please don't jump to conclusions @guymayor
I didn't ask for advise on how to handle the situation, just for some fungal ID to support what my assumption was. I recognized the fungi, but loss the details.


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The tool is available in many places; I'm no HomeDepot fan either!
$15 = high dollar lol
Not jumping anywhere; <3 minutes per tree is not a lot of time, for sure.