What is this tree??

I have made myself crazy trying to figure out what this tree is. It is the only one of its kind on my property. I thought some kind of oak, but I've never seen acorns below it. It has waxy leaves like my sassafras trees, but is more complex in shape. Relieve my frustration please!! Thank you...



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It is an oak. I would guess it is either in the white oak or live oak 'family'. Does it lose it's leaves in the winter? what state are you located in? Do you have a picture of the overall tree shape and structure?
This tree is located in Central Virginia. I thought maybe sand post oak, but it's out of range. It gets catkins in the Spring. And like oaks, the leaves brown in the Fall and remain intact until Spring. Here's a pic of the bark and an overall pic which shows my second floor deck as height reference.