western chapter TCC

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
I think they have a conference around May 1 in Phoenix.

Somewhere I read that Erk Brudi is speaking. He is a "can't miss" speaker if you want to learn more about tree structure and bio-dynamics from a statics engineering viewpoint.


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But it's a dry heat there mark.
I used to live there, and almost got heat stroke 6AM mowing the grass.
Neat tree guys there, If you go say hi to the guys at Perfect for me.


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well I poked around and found out the western tcc went down on feb 12th 05 in Mesa AZ.. is no one on here a participant or spectator? I Here they turn out a tough competitor and it's a bigger deal than it is here in the PNW.
We usualy don't even fill out the limit. A couple of guys form up here said they run down to watch or compet some times.