andrus kokerov

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Wanted to ask how much time you spend on warming yourself up before work, recclimbing or competitions? Got a back injure this week. My loweback cracked when i was putting my spikes on. Now its getting better but im out of the workout game for a couple days for sure (only walking). Thinking it might have not happened when i did a warm-up. It was a good warning. Im a laizy stretchet as well, i bet this had also something to do with it.


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Good topic! The older I get the more I need to warm up. I like to lube up the ol' hips, knees and spine with some squats, lunges and good mornings. Maybe a little shoulder rolling to get the rotator cuffs fired up. I have hip issues so hip and lower back warm up is really important.

Some people do sun salutations and cat/cow to loosen up in the am. Avoid intense static stretching and use gentle movements that will lubricate the joints and gently load the muscles. If you injured your back from bending over you should definitely look into physio. There must have been an underlying issue.