Walnut tree with weird limb/branch coming out of a hollow center...

This walnut had a dead limb coming from it's hollow center.


Here are rounds of the limb and tree (wet) for comparison:


Is this the same thing? Are they both walnut? How could this grow like this?

Another question, the stub on the tree, the one that water is weeping out of...that used to be about 5' long and cracked off, I first pruned off the dead section and made it shorter about 8 months ago and it has been weeping water. I just cut it a little closer to the collar material this weekend and now it looks like water is really pouring out of it even more now. The ground is absolutely saturated and has been for 4 months. Is this normal? I've never really noticed this before.


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Looks like there will be another, yikes. That dead limb is likely associated with root damage. Some trees of you cut a limb that’s too big there is a strip of sapwood to the root that dies. It can go both ways


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that limb has been dead a LONG time. With as much wound wood as there is I wouldn't be surprised if the living half of the tree was similar diameter when the limb on the left died. If was a vascular damage (disease, insects, fire, etc...) that killed that side of the trunk and up into that half of the tree, but the rest of the tree walled it off or was otherwise not damaged it would explain the current condition.