Veteran Trees in Brooklyn, 3/29-30/2017


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No sleep till brooklyn!! I'm very excited for this event in other words. Sorry I think I slid in that final spot to top off the class there @treehumper . If you can forgive me and let me come film the holy oak removal I'll make it up to you with some righteous shots! That is if I'm not too late!?
You're on! We can discuss the detail later. Late April is the time frame so block that week out!


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That was a great workshop! Meeting Kevin was very enjoyable, and humbling. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was gorgeous, and hearing from the three in house arbo's; Chris, Alec, and Travis, about their work was really special. And the second day we went to green wood cemetary, we met the crew there and the head arbo joe showed us around about humbling. It is a magnificent place, huge beautiful trees. It is an arboretum, and visitation is encouraged. I also met arbor patrol and treetopflyer in person. A lot of great info, ideas, and discussion. There weren't just smelly treeguys either. There were some residents from the neighborhood too.