Vermeer SC130 cutter teeth vs Toro's 3 tooth system


Let me start by saying I've done a lot of research and have found that Vermeers SC130 small stump grinder 12 tooth system fairly good... (I realize Vermeer doesn't really make it, it's just painted yellow with their label) BUT...when it comes to replacing these teeth, and sharpening it's where the downside becomes apparent. I have discovered that Toro makes a stump grinder that looks exactly the same, but is painted red with the words Toro on it. What I find interesting is that they use a three tooth, green tooth, system. And these teeth, as I'm sure many here know are easier to replace and sharpen, because they are simply bolted on...I am considering buying I cutter disc/wheel from Toro to place on my Vermeer stump grinder? I am fairly sure it would mount on properly… But here's my main question for everybody on here?

a three tooth system versus, a 12 tooth system seems like too few teeth? My question is has anybody used a three tooth grinding system and found that it worked well, just as well as the 12 tooth system? Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the green teeth are relatively easy to sharpen with a proper grinder wheel? Again, let me repeat myself… My main question is, to put it another way, would I be better off with the Toro cutting disc or a Vermeer cutting disc? I would really appreciate any help, thank you


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I hate to dig up an old thread but....

I have a Vermeer sc 130 and the teeth are terrible. They don’t cut at all and can’t be sharpened. I recently saw a video of the toro with the green teeth and it sliced through a stump easily.

Does anyone know if there is a company out there that makes replacement wheels for the sc 130 with green teeth?

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I'd try this, looks very similar to the Toro 3 tooth setup. Quite affordable and looks very simple to install.




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Pricey?! It's $250! Paid for in a day!
If I was doing stump grinding full time then it wouldn’t be a problem but stump grinding is just a part of my part time lawn care business.

There are a bunch of guys with big grinders in my area that under bid every stump so it’s been hard for me to get stump grinding jobs.