VA TreeStuff Party


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Does anybody still associate with Sherrill ??

You bring great innovation to this industry, and, from what I hear, you’re a top notch arborist as well. I’d love to meet you some day and see your operation. Getting together with other arborists is good for perspective and growth, which is exactly why I’m hosting the party. Could I do it without Treestuff? Sure, but it’s harder to get people to commit without the flash (and having tools to try before you buy is quite helpful). My coworker and I are excited to see people from our region come together for our shared passion of climbing.

I know of the history between you and Sherrill, and respect your choice to not associate. I also know a few people who work there, and see that they are good people trying to do good for our industry. I can’t speak for all, since I don’t know them all, but I cannot vilify those I do know, as they’ve given me no reason to. Please, if you feel the need to vent more, start a new thread, resurrect an old one, or pm me.