Trying a new saddle before buying? [NE Ohio]

Hi all, new to the forums and to tree climbing (at least the type involving equipment -- not sure how it took me this long to realize technical tree climbing is a thing!) I've been accumulating equipment, and have climbed a few times using a rock climbing harness I already had, but I've discovered that rock climbing harnesses are supremely uncomfortable for hanging in for more than a couple minutes. I started looking around atpurpose-built harnesses / saddles, and there seem to be equally good reviews for a handful -- New Tribe Onyx, Tree Austria 3.2, Treemotion s.light or regular... This also seems to be something that would be relatively personal, depending on body shape and size. I'd hate to go through several iterations of buying something online, trying it, and needing to return it -- so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any local stores (I'm in Westlake, OH, USA) that would have these in stock and let me try them before buying. Or are the differences pretty minor and I'd be fine with any of these? For reference I'm 6' tall, 160lb, and probably 34" waist (I wear "size 32" pants but a measuring tape tells me that Levi's wants me to feel skinnier than I am!) Thanks!
Thanks, I hadn't heard of Lanphear, I'll have to try to get in touch with them -- looks like they're relatively local.

Unless I'm missing something, it looks like is just search engine optimization for American Arborist Supplies, which doesn't have any physical locations around here.

I did run across a place called Endor's Arborist & Rope Supply, down in Canton, but that's a couple hours away and I'd like to make sure they have stuff before driving down there -- haven't gotten in touch with them yet, they appear to only be open a couple days a week. Anyone heard of these guys?


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#6 is still there. Started in the 1950's. I bought a harness thru them about 11 years ago. Not sure they have a climber on the sales staff anymore. I think they are more of a hardware & service/treatment tree company.
Call before you go.


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Give a call to Independent Tree or Busy Bee and see where they get their equipment. Cant hurt. Both in Geauga county


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I'll ask about endors. A guy I work with chats with the owner a bit. They're real close to me but I've never been there. Seems like I need to be on Facebook to get any info.

Just let said fellow employee know to let Scott know that endors is being asked about on the buzz
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If your not production orientated, any of those choices will do...until youre hanging for 40 hours plus a week, you're prolly not going to need all the adjustments to really fine tune it...if i didnt have a baby coming any day now, i'd invite you over to chill on about 8 different saddle variations.


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Scott is a good guy with good intentions. Just seems to be a slow go on getting things going. I met him at the KK done gone out of business auction and have met him several times since. Really upset I couldn't attend his recent fids and fibers. Just didn't hear about it in time for my scheduling. I'm gonna try to make it over there Friday and get a better idea for you
@treebilly -- thanks! Let me know what you find out -- Endor's looks like a cool store from the photos, if they have saddles I can try it'll be worth the trek.

@craneguy1 -- I'm definitely not doing this for 40 hours a week at this point! I kind of suspected that they might all be pretty similar comfort-wise and just come down to personal preference in terms of exact details / setup -- I just like overanalyzing my decisions ;) Good luck with the baby!


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Lanphear Supply is a division of Forest City Tree Protection Co.
They are still in business.
They do a lot of landscape, tree disease treatment, etc.
Retail hardware, repair, etc.
As stated above "Not sure they have a climber on the sales staff anymore."
Call before you go.
I think Lauren was also pres. of ISA about 10 or 12 yrs ago ?


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A great saddle for occasional rec climbing is the New Tribe Yellow Jacket. It has a lot of coverage for legs and lower back but no heavy padding, and you can wad it up into a pretty small bag for hiking any distance. Also half the price of the heavier pro saddles.

- Stew