Trees from a distance

Johnny Turvin

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Liriodendron tulipifera

But I dont know many southern trees.

And thats not you!

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Correct B'Bull, Some people call them Tulip Poplars, I dont know anyone that calls them cottonwoods, jim454 did, I think he means Tulip Poplar? - must be area specific, the further south you go the more people call them cottonwoods? these Tulips were located in North Virginia, right next to DC. There's thousands of them around that area, big too. These ones were about 140ft, we were deadwooding them. And fwiw it is me.
Cottonwood is actually Yellow Poplar. Tulip Poplar is a related, but different species.

Johnny Turvin

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And Liriodendron is Magnolaceae and not related to the poplars or its family, Salicaceae.

Good to know. Thank you! I will look into that more closely. And I should probably refrain from using "related" as loosely as I tend to do. Always learning ...