Tree worker pinned in bucket


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Thanks for sharing. I'm glad the guy is gonna be ok, could have been a far worse outcome. Rigging point failure is a far too common occurrence. We need more training on how to curb the rush mentality, slow down and think more, take smaller pieces if needed, come back in one piece tomorrow.


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Buckets are difficult in many ways because of the limited access and not being able to move to safe out of way spot, or tight access for setup.

Even if it is to save damage to picker whilst accessing tight locations for pruning, I will use the picker to setup TIPs for the climber especially if in a glade (ring of trees that need pruning) so that picker is out from underneath drop zone, or even allowing a drop zone...

Don’t know about integrity of limb, too big a rig....


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Indeed, they are sometimes expected to do too much. The limitations are significant, but the one advantage you have is setting up elaborate rigging to increase strength or clearance with relative ease. Unless things are out of reach, it only takes minutes to get a rigging line on 2-3 stems plus a tag line on that limb over the truck so it swings to a good drop zone. A weak anchor and heavy limbs can be worked around pretty easy.