Tree failure, while I was climbing it.


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This is a great thread and one that has me reflecting on some of the sketchier things I have done in the past and how I could have approached it to make it safer from every aspect. I applaud your honesty and appreciate you sharing your experience. It is never easy to be the one in the hot seat...I have just quoted 3 bone dry pin oaks and because of threads like this one I immediately thought a spider lift might be the way to go. I gave the quote with the rental of the lift as well as the work. Home owner thought I might be a little high, but I explained my reasons and the safety factors involved and he seemed to appreciate my thorough and thought out plan. If I get the job great, if someone else comes in with a lower price and climbs it, long as no one gets hurt. Stay safe...Thank you


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This is a good thread. Who says Google's/ Cambridge Analytica's algorithms don't work? Was reading this thread today and then this video popped up:
One thought about scaffolding though - how is it really different than a ladder? Remember all the Youtube videos of nutjobs cutting trees and branches and then falling 'cuz the tree swipes the ladder out from under them? Safest scaffolding setups I've seen industrially, that are any height at least, are tied into structure periodicallyon the way up. This is specified in scaffolding manuals/ regulations. But if the tree isn't stable? Or am i missing something? And getting ground stability for your scaffold setup can be a lot of work (guying?). Sounds more and more like a construction project.

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It would be a de-construction job :crying:

The idea for using scaffolding came from a guy who built scaffolding systems for construction. He took pictures of how he set it up and did a removal. He was as cautious about setting foot pads and making cuts as anyone using a lift would be.

That thread was revisited by an arbo who actually had scaffolding installed. It worked out really well.


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Renting a tow-behind lift, and a (tracked?) mini to pull it if needed, can do wonders. I've barely, barely snuck in a lift to barely, barely be able to reach super dead, super leaning madrones toward a house. Only other option was a spider-lift (unavailable), as narrow access was needed.


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wow.. that was crazy... stay in this business long enough and you're going to see some wild things go down... Gotta trust that little voice in your head!!!