Total green weight of trees


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Then you would probably have to do an actual foliage weight sample from the thickest spruce.

And that would included a few branch samples, to estimate how much is on one branch and how much branch is on that tree.
Re: Total green weight of treeslonglining them out

If I overcalculate I might loose the qoute, if I undercalculate I will loose my profit and maybe more.

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I hate this side of work. Bidding can be a pain.


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I've never encountered a question like that. I'm thinking though, that you could reach a rough approximation on an excurrent tree like a spruce, by using the height of the tree, and the radius at the base, to calculate volume as though it were a cylinder. (Height x pi) x (radius squared) The stem of the tree of course is not cylindrical in shape, but in a rough approximation the excess volume that you'd get as a result of calculating it as a cylinder, rather than as a cone, would be offset by the weight of the branches.

Once you had the volume calculation, you could then convert it to cubic feet and use a green log weight chart.

Perhaps you could try testing the calculation on Sitka specimens small enough to weigh, to see how it works out. Small spruce seem proportional to larger specimens.

I also found a page with algorithms for calculating tree weight. You can view them here.

The algorithms are taken from "Tables for Estimating Total Tree and Product Weight and Volume of Major Southern Tree Species and Species Groups" Joseph Saucier and Alexander Clark III , Southwide Energy Committee, American Pulpwood Association Inc., Nov. 1985.
Is that formula fairly accurate for total tree weight? I have a job to bid that we need to dump all the trees, wood and chips, at a dump site that charges by the ton.


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I just punched in a 40 inch, 80 foot tall cottonwood and it came up with 26 000lbs. That might be on the heavy side, but doen't seem that far off.


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Good article, thanks. Confirms my 26 000lbs poplar.

Only weird thing is when I punch in the variables into the formula it doesn't add up to the same results as in the chart on the next page. Or I'm just really tired.